…I’m an Australian songwriter and performer as well as being a mother, partner and manager of a mental health awareness organisation. I have an academic background in Social Sciences (Psychology), Business Psychology and Commerce.


As part of my mental health plan I have relocated to the bush in rural NSW, Australia. It is on and within the mountains that I feel most okay. I came out of the mental health closet around 2 years ago with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. In spite of my experience as Regional Manager and CEO and my academic background, I continue to experience the nature of stigma and discrimination, all-be-it subtler than many others with lived experience have endured.


I hope with time I can contribute to the growing voice of those with mental health issues, to shed some light on an area which is often misinformed, a disability rarely seen from the outside. My greatest contribution will always be my children who speak out and up in relation to mental illness stigma…it is within and through them I find my hope. 





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